Ook wat schrijven?  
Naam: eddie
17-03-2005 08:45:26; u
Land: India
:roll: coool...
Naam: Milton Valerio Alfaro
08-03-2005 21:27:18; u
Land: Costa Rica
Thanks a Million!! I was needing the diagrams for the BX718X
and for the BX335U. Now I can put them working again.

Naam: Jac Schellekens
17-02-2005 23:44:45; u
Land: Netherlands
Naam: fred roffelsen
10-02-2005 16:22:34; u
Land: Netherlands
Onl? since a couple of month I am interested in radio s of the zears 1930 until 1950:
I poses a philips radio 990x, but in a bad shape. Electronicall? tha radio is compleet, but there ara man? parts missing.
Is there some one who would sell me this t?pe of radio?
greating fred roffelsen holland
tel 0031653198106
Naam: J.F.Emmen
06-02-2005 21:05:21; u
Land: Netherlands
Naam: Thomas Zwaagstra
15-01-2005 01:54:32; u
Land: USA
You have an awesome website. I'm also fastinated by the workings of radios and electronics. luck in your endeavors,

Thomas Zwaagstra
Naam: Michel TERRIER
31-12-2004 17:30:36; u
Land: France
Your site is remarkable.
I send you kindest regards.
And my best wishes for the New Year 2005.
Health, love, money and beautiful collection.
Collector old radio set.
Naam: Francisco Sousa
27-12-2004 20:36:31; u
Land: Portugal
O vosso site ? do melhor que j? encontrei na
internet em termos de ajuda para quem deseja
restaurar r?dios antigos...
O meu muito obrigado
Naam: Johan
23-12-2004 15:10:18; u
Land: Netherlands
:oops: Dat is lang geleden.
Ik zou je graag spreken

Naam: jan faas
22-12-2004 21:04:35; u
Land: Netherlands
fijn dat je deze mooie site hebt gemaakt en laat blijven bestaan.
ik wens je hier veel succes mee en bedankt voor de moeite,ik heb mijn probleem via deze site kunnen oplossen.
groetjes en vast wel tot een volgende keer Jan
Naam: prayudi
19-12-2004 02:40:04; u
Land: Indonesia
Your site is become my #1 references when I repair
some Philips junk.Thank you very much,it is great site!
BTW,do you know history of Philips factory in Indonesia?Some
sets of Philips was made in Indonesia (marked with BIN),and
I have some service document of them.
Keep vintages!!
Naam: Greger Warna
15-12-2004 20:46:34; u
Land: Finland
A very useful website thanks for the Service documentation
Regards Greger
Naam: Jos Korte
05-12-2004 14:08:44; u
Land: Netherlands
Hoi! Hartstikke bedankt voor deze geweldige service!

Naam: Hans Koerts
13-11-2004 10:16:31; u
Land: Argentina
Ha die Ab
Alles goed ?
lang niet gezien !
Ben je emailadres weer eens kwijt
mail even wat terug ,dan heb ik je mailadres weer

vr gr Hans
07-11-2004 20:16:48; u
Land: Spain
hello!my name is jos and my system work is the same like you!I restaure the radios completly inside and autside with the original elements.I'm enjoing to look yours photos in this web. Quick you will look my photos in my web,ok? Sorry for the ortography, but my english is bad! adeu!bye!
Naam: emile van niel
28-10-2004 18:36:11; u
Land: Netherlands
veel informatie gevonden op de sight.
Goede sight

Naam: dj Scream G.R.
26-10-2004 09:40:34; u
Land: Italy
Congratulations and take care ! Visit also WWW.LPAUSINI.TOO.IT and sign guestbook or forum , please !
Naam: chayyai sawangwong
16-10-2004 22:37:19; u
Land: Thailand
to webmaster...

thank-you for data file(service documentation)....


Naam: Bruno Gandolfo
11-10-2004 06:15:53; u
Land: Chile
I want circuit diagram for Grundig radio model 2097, and
Kolster-Brandes GR40.
best regards,
Bruno Gandolfo.
Naam: chayyai
08-10-2004 01:29:11; u
Land: Thailand
thank-you for you r service-documentation.....

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