Grundig VCR 4000

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Grundig VCR 4000 is a video recorder with the same tape system as the Philips N1700
This video recorder did nothing. The power supply turned out to be defective. Due to the many tental capacitors with closure.
Removed all modules looking for a short on the power supply line.
Disconnect plugs until the short on the power line was gone.
Then pull the power supply from the device.
Repair the power supply.
Short comes from the video head amplifier. Here the first test with a loosely coupled video amplifier. Mechanism works well.
Here is the short circuit, the blue tental electrolytic capacitor is defective and measures 0 ohms.
Other normal capacitors in and go.
The RF of the video head.
And the first image black and white half of the modules are still missing.
While turning, there was suddenly a strange noise. Then a bang as if something had broken.
Michael Jackson
Tuning module burned out.
Various loose print traces.
Tuning module repaired. Own recording made and played back.
Ready repaired.
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